Case studies

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Regulatory Changes

A multinational retailer needs to access the latest information from all relevant federal, state, and local authorities regarding stay-at-home orders and essential business guidelines. Newsfetch enabled the retailer to track updates from these government bodies in a single user interface and receive email alerts about them.


newsfetch case studies standards

120+ sources


newsfetch case studies Laws

10+ sources


newsfetch case studies Compliances

50+ sources

Reputation Management

A political consultancy needs to monitor the social media presence of rival candidates and advocacy groups on behalf of a political candidate. Newsfetch enabled the consultancy to receive timely alerts, giving their client a significant competitive edge.

Social Media listening

newsfetch case studies Social Media listening

500+ sources

Sentiment analysis

newsfetch case studies Sentiment analysis

For every post

E-mail Alerts

newsfetch case studies E-mail Alerts

Real time

Journalistic Investigation

A researcher monitoring hate groups in the United States provided Newsfetch with over 40 individuals and organizations to monitor anonymously across several social media platforms and blogs. Newsfetch reduced redundant and irrelevant information and enabled the journalist to efficiently review the information.

Media research

newsfetch case studies Media research

300+ sources

Content analysis

newsfetch case studies Content analysis

150+ sources

Facts verification

newsfetch case studies Facts verification

10+ articles

Crisis management

An organization with a public relations crisis used Newsfetch to track social media and news mentions of the organization. As a result, the organization was able to nimbly and time-effectively respond to the crisis.


newsfetch case studies Monitor

100+ sources


newsfetch case studies Process

Every feedback


newsfetch case studies Act

Timely response