Stop being constantly bothered by all the irrelevant news and social media updates on your clients and potential clients that you simply delete.

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What do we offer?

Nudge solves the problem by drastically reducing the number of notifications and sends trusted, summarized alerts triggered by the algorithm when it’s critical to you saving valuable time.

Main benefits

No more needed constantly monitoring tones of web sources to be aware when something happens on your market, company or any other area of interests. Our smart algorithms will do that for you. With the real-time event detection system you will never miss the braking news.

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Type the company name and let us do the rest: we will find the most relevant information from all around the web/social media and deliver it to you.

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We will provide you with informative charts, so all the data you need for quick analysis can be at your fingertips.

Ozmosys search

Receive the Daily Alerts directly on the email when system detects the brakeouts in the industry or area of your interests.

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With just a few clicks, bring actionable content and insights from the area of your interests and then share them with your team or organization.
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